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Carleton Place Positive Change Centre

Allison Adamovits M.S.W, R.S.W.


People want to know what other clients have thought of Carleton Place Positive Change Centre and Allison.

*Names must be changed or removed to protect confidentiality.

“Thanks for meeting with X and myself yesterday. I feel the introduction went very well. I am very comfortable with you - but more importantly, I think X seems comfortable already, which is a huge step for her! She has been very closed to any kind of counseling thus far. But she does have issues. Big Ones. She let a wall down. and revealed a lot that I hope you will be able to help with. So thankful to have you for a resource!

Dearest Allison,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your warmth, acceptance, advice, patience, kindness and wisdom, that has so quickly helped me get to a better place. I have forgiven myself and I`m learning to love the real me that I once was and am slowly becoming again. I know the road ahead won`t be easy, either way, but life is now worth it!

Dear Allison,

I want to thank you for how much you have helped me and my family through this. You are truly an amazing woman. You have done so much for me I could not even explain it to you. I have no idea how I would have gotten through this without you. I knew I trusted you from the first time you shook my hand. I can`t even begin to tell you how much I must thank you. You`re amazing. Thank you.

Elizabeth Swarbrick Lawyer at Family Focused Law.

Allison is a dedicated family professional who is very attentive to her clients. She is insightful in her assistance to couples and can speak effectively on parenting issues. She has a solid foundation on issues with children and can provide help to couples and single parents.

Elizabeth has worked along side Allison as a member of the Lanark County Collaborative Family Law Association.